Additive Chemicals containing complexes such as anticaking agent, dissolving agents and foaming inhibitors; Has the property to reduce surface tension which help in soil penetration, preventing scale formation and inhibiting the foam formation.

Foam cleaning products consisted of cleaning agents suitable for usage in the food and many other industries.

Sanitizing products containing Peracetic acid (PAA) and Hydrogen peroxide for sterilization in the beer, beverage, dairy, animal processing, seafood and other food processing industries.

A multi-purpose cleaning product for removing stubborn dirt, soap, rust, water and limestone stains on various surfaces within the food industries

Concentrated liquid soap containing disinfecting agent, suitable for usage in washing and cleaning in general industry.

Smoke house and frying cabinet cleaning products which are suitable for washing stainless steel, plastics, and ceramics surfaces, but not for aluminum, galvanized, and galvanized steel.

CIP system cleaning products for removal of scale, rust and scale deposits in the dairy, beverage, beer and other industries.

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